Bring a Smile to the less privileged

Let’s work on bringing a smile to the disabled in our society and the resource constrained communities by improving their-socio economic status through overcoming barriers of poverty in disadvantaged communities, so that any interventions made will bring Smiles to the disadvantaged members of our society in Zimbabwe.

Society at large is to play a vital role in supporting people living with disabilities. It is the responsibility of the members of society to put a hand in assisting the need. The goal is to bring a smile on the face of the less privileged through eradication of social exclusion and the introduction of social inclusion. The aim is to enhance social functioning of the less privilege groups, the vulnerable, those living with disabilities , widows, orphans, the aged, those who are chronically ill and those living in absolute poverty.

This enables the less privileged to cope more effectively with socio-economic and social challenges. However there is need to consider people living in remote areas who are excluded from the development processes and decision making. Society and individuals should have an eye of seeing progressive and productive people with full potentials realised.  We should go beyond our capacity in helping the under-privileged and developing skills to individuals of our society. We can bring a smile to individuals through donations that include wheelchair, food staffs, money and provide markets and its availability. Having mobility devices makes life easier to move from one place to another. Bring a smile enhances the capacity of the person living with disability through aid and sustainable income generating projects for the benefit of society they live in as well.

We should encourage Documentaries, as they also contribute much on bringing a smile to the community. they should be produced or broadcasted on national television as media has a major influence in building up the society. Documentaries also highlights a special issue affecting people living a disabled life. It is also likely to enhance their understanding on issues of disability reducing stigma against people living with disabilities. Being disabled does not mean inability, if community chips in it can help them to function well in society enhancing social function and promote inclusiveness. We  appreciate what different stakeholders are contributing to the socio-economic status of the disabled.

Let me narrate a story of a certain guy who suffered from cancer that is  “cancer that cant be treated,” he was 19 years old and was about to die anytime. All his life, he was stuck in his grand parents house in Rugare. He never went outside and his condition got worse and tired of staying indoors, life was unbearable for him until the grandmother decided to go and seek for help. As we were sitting on the desk listening to his story being narrated we were touched, as it is our mandate as Greenlight International Trust to bring a smile we did not hesitate to make life easier for the 19 year old. We as an organisation managed to pay all the medical bills and hire a medical practitioner to dress up and assess the wound. Unfortunately weeks later the boy passed on. That was end of the road for him, but as an organisation we tried to bring a smile and makes life easier for the boy and the family too. Indeed it was a touching story, its our duty as individuals, community, and society as a whole to look out for those in need. It is the conviction of GLIT to bring  smiles to the disabled empower them and build skills. Together we can join hands BRING A SMILE to the needy and create a better Zimbabwe.

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