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Kingdom greetings to you all   As Green Light International Trust we are writing to inform all of you that IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN for you and Us to join and Bring smiles To the less privileged members of our society. Lets talk of those living with disabilities, orphans, elderly, and some disadvantaged members

Greetings to you all. Greenlight International Trust had a wonderful day on the 14th of January 2020 in Mufakose, Harare, as we managed do donate over 20 mobility devices to the elderly residing in ,Mufakose. Someone might be wondering who Green light International Trust is? we are a non- profit capacity Development organization, with a primary mission of of bringing smiles to the less privileged members of the society and resource constrained communities around the globe. On this day therefore, we managed to meet the elderly at their point of need as some where now finding it difficult to walk or do anything for themselves, some were actually testifiying that it was a difficult time for them to live because they were now forced to eat less so that they reduce there movements to the bathroom as it was painful for them. It was a sad moment hearing such situations from the erlderly who had no one to look after them.It is at the heart Greenlight International Trust that we join and help those in need, let us not ignore our elderly in the societies because they surely need us and they surely rely on us. Let us JOIN and help those in need ,With you our Burdens are Lightened.

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Welcome guys✨ We are Green light International Trust an organisation made up of passionate social workers in Zimbabwe. We are holding an upcoming program titled Bring A smile? that is going to take place on the 24th of November 2018. With the mandate of interacting and sharing with people with disabilities in Bulawayo?,we will be


The Green Light International Trust, is a non profit capacity development organisation founded in 2005 by Tawanda Makwiramiti with the sole aim of helping all the under privileged of the GLOBAL society. It is a well established organisation operating through a participatory approach to problem identification and identify alternative solutions. With international support GLIT has

Bring a Smile to the less privileged

Let’s work on bringing a smile to the disabled in our society and the resource constrained communities by improving their-socio economic status through overcoming barriers of poverty in disadvantaged communities, so that any interventions made will bring Smiles to the disadvantaged members of our society in Zimbabwe. Society at large is to play a vital

Whose attitude needs to be changed

  Attitudes are a complex collection of beliefs, feelings values and depositions which characterize the way we think or feel about certain people or situations. People’s attitude s is a product of life experience including the relationship we build with people around us. For an example a person’s attitude towards one disabled might be shaped