Welcome guys✨ We are Green light International Trust an organisation made up of passionate social workers in Zimbabwe. We are holding an upcoming program titled Bring A smile? that is going to take place on the 24th of November 2018.

With the mandate of interacting and sharing with people with disabilities in Bulawayo?,we will be holding a one day event in Bulawayo and the intended venue is Bulawayo polytechnic where we are going to donate assistive devices such as wheelchairs, clutches and walkers to the vulnerable people in the society.

The Bring a smile main aim is for the Green light to meet up with the vulnerable groups in a society and help those who are in need by offering basic commodities such as soaps and cooking oil for those who are less privileged.

Glit will invite a lot of dignitaries who are going to bless the event and who are also going to offer assistance in anyway that they can. All those who are willing to help and assist in the smooth running of the event are welcome to visit us at our offices at number 82 Rezende Street 4th floor.

Everyone is invited for more information visit us at or email us at info
Or our contact lines 0242 759230/0771 371 616

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