The Green Light International Trust, is a non profit capacity development organisation founded in 2005 by Tawanda Makwiramiti with the sole aim of helping all the under privileged of the GLOBAL society. It is a well established organisation operating through a participatory approach to problem identification and identify alternative solutions. With international support GLIT has transformed lives of over 5000 people and 3000 of them being the disabled members of Zimbabwe, South Africa,Burundi and Tanzania. Over 560 mobility devices such as wheel chairs, crutches and walking frames has been distributed to the physically challenged. Among-st the services provided with the aim of enhancing social justice in lives of the vulnerable GLIT is also giving training and work shop of




Green Light International Trust realized difficulties faced by disabled people and with those lives with them , hence, the existence of GLIT is to supplement government’ efforts in regards to the welfare of all the under privileged of societies. We have noted un-accountable number of people who crawl as a way moving from one place to another just as animals yet animals are much better for they are inherently to move that way. We identified an alternative solution to either reduce or eliminate such a pathetic way of living by introducing training of Nurse aide, Community Rehabilitation Care Givers.

From Green Light International Trust’s experience we realized that there is need to have more health workers within our communities to help the old aged, those with critical or severe disabilities in both urban and rural areas. In various districts of Zimbabwe visited during our donation programs we discovered un-accountable individuals living in a critical disability condition caused by either neglect-ion or lack of exercises and nurse aiding services. It is our business as GLIT to therefore to add value to those who have a WILL and PASSION to help others by spreading our services to individuals within our society.

We have noted with concern that it is now though a conviction of service needed within our societies that is leading to conduct training of the above mentioned services. As our mandate to identify alternative solutions we have found these training helping to change the world from the way we currently see it as. For several events in Zimbabwe GLIT involved National Dis ability Desk and ministry of health child care to attend and participate in our activities. Therefore GLIT will strive to continue working hand in hand with Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child care Rehabilitation Department ans seek to place individual trainees in different government hospitals and private for practical attachment before they start care giving to their own communities. The core mandate of these trainees is to identify and refer patience to the qualified practitioners  through our offices working in hand with Ministry of Health.

We do have professional with protected names such as PHYSIO-THERAPIST, OCCUPATIONAL-THERAPIST and SPEECH-THERAPIST that are meant to help in building a better community however it only takes a person with a long heart and those with compassionate heart to offer such services to the community without fees.

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