Our society needs to be disability friendly!

People living with disabilities are not disabled but it is only the society who disables them through marginalization, segregation, labeling, discrimination and stigmatizing them.

Most people living with disability are suffering from social exclusion, marginalization and a low self-esteem. The way society treat people with disabilities reflects what sort of people we are. The full potential of people with disabilities can only be developed when families and our wider society become disability friendly. People with disabilities are first and foremost people who have individual abilities, interest and needs. The physically disabled are marginalized because of their difference, you may say its harsh way to put it but it’s true. We place judgment on what people look like on outside appearance. We place judgment on their personality and what it might be as well. Sometimes it might be out of comfort zone and other times it’s because people are mean. If you or l were in a gym class and we say a person without legs would probably assume they are not capable to play football. So would u ask them? No! Because you are afraid of the reaction you might get.

Something l really do not think everyday people take into consideration is the fact that we are all individuals. Not a nice person in this world is the same. It is just the people with unusual appearances on the outside we notice and single out more. Such as individuals with missing legs or any other deformity is part of society that people with physical disabilities are excluded from. No one thinks about whether the child on a wheelchair is going to play Dodge ball. Society does not think about how people are going to get to the bottom of the bleachers were everyone stands at football games. What about restaurant, malls and amusement parks. I know these places are not all handy cap friendly .Its time making things fair. We the so called norms do not consider one’s feeling in way to make the environment handy cap friendly.

There are a number of organizations that aim at reducing poverty and leave a remarkable life changing inspirations in less privileged groups of the society, just to mention a few GLIT,CHILDLINE and ZOU. These organizations aims at bringing smiles to the less privileged members of society land resource constrained communities It is the central concern to improve the socio-economic status through overcoming barriers to poverty in disadvantages communities in our society so that any interventions made will bring smile to the disadvantaged  members of the society .It is our concern to develop the lives  of the disadvantaged groups around different communities especially people living with different forms of physical challenges. Most people living with disability suffers from social exclusion marginalization and a low self-esteem. There is need to help the disabled and educate them to overcome the barriers of social exclusion by motivating show casing and marketing their talents. We have noted uncountable numbers of people who crawl as a way of moving from one place to another just as animals, animals are even in a better state because they are meant to move that way.

We do encouraged and advice the local community cooperates and government to produce and maintain conducive environment which is suitable for all citizens. There is need to unite charitable all organisations to effectively bridge the gap between able bodied and disabled, poor and the rich. Knowing that we are all equal and that “sufficience yields greater margins”



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